Drain cleaning services

-Roots in drain pipe
-Sewer & drain cleaning
-All drains, kitchen, tub, shower, toilet, lavatory sink, floor drain, laundry sink

The sewer line in your house connects to a central pipe which runs under ground in the yard and then connects to the city sewage pipe in the street.

Sewer lines can back up for various reasons, cracks, heaving, tree roots etc. A video camera will detect the issue as to why the sewer line is backing up.

You shouldn’t use liquid chemicals to unclog your toilet, shower or sink drains. Liquid drain cleaners are harsh and harmful to your pipes, not to mention the environment, and you. The liquid chemical cleaners are very corrosive. It can burn your skin, clothes and other materials. The safest and best route is to call 651-463-7824 for service.

Avoid putting these items down your drain if possible
-Vegetable and fruit peels
Call 651-463-7824 for service.